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Why Your Car Is Costing You A Fortune

Cars are expensive – that is irrefutable. They cost a lot to buy, a lot to run, and a lot to maintain. But, even though they aren’t cheap, they should never be overly expensive. Lots of drivers think the amount they pay for their motor is the norm, when, in fact, it’s far from the average. If your car is costing you a small fortune, there might be something you can do to cut the costs. Check out these reasons why cars are expensive and how to make them cheaper.


Insurance is a bummer because it is a legal requirement, so it isn’t like you can drive without coverage. What you can do, though, is check out different policies for a better price. The plan you have now might be the best deal, but it might be a stinker. The truth is you won’t know until you take a look at the market and shop around for a deal. With the help of Comparaencasa and other comparison sites, it is easy to do and won’t take ages. The trick is to turn over every stone and analyze every deal for the best results. Also, think about less comprehensive cover if that is an option.


In the past, fuel used to be cheap. Nowadays, the cost of gas is rising, and it is going through the roof. Sure, it might not be as bad as Europe, but it isn’t like the good old days. Today, $50 is only enough to get to midweek whereas it would usually to get through the week a few years ago. The price of gas isn’t in your control, which means you can’t pay less than you would like. But, you can control how much the car uses by adapting your driving style. Smooth drivers use nowhere near as much fuel as erratic ones, which means the cost will reflect the change in style. And, it isn’t hard to do because you only need to keep the speed constant.

Breaking Down

One breakdown is enough to hurt the bank balance, but a couple will decimate it and leave you with nothing. The sad truth is that cars break down, but only once in awhile. The average car should run for a couple of years without too many incidents, especially if it is an expensive model. If that isn’t the case, you need to take it to the shop. Only a mechanic will be able to fix the problem and your bank balance in the process. What you have to do is find a mechanic you trust – try customer reviews – and book an appointment. Then, get a second opinion to make sure everything is rosy. The last thing any driver wants is to fork out a ton of cash when they think they problem is solved.

One final thing: avoid an accident when possible as they cost a fortune in insurance and maintenance. Plus, they will put you off driving for life.

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