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3 Easy Vape Tricks for Beginners

For those new to vaping, vape tricks may appear intimidating. There are plenty of tricks that beginners can incorporate into their everyday sessions that require little to no experience. The following list highlights some easy vape tricks that any beginner can do.


Take an empty plastic bottle and fill the bottom with water (not much is needed). Give the water time to freeze. After the water has completely frozen, take a hit and carefully blow the vapor into the bottle. Slowly turn the bottle over to “pour” the vapor out. This will create a smoky waterfall appearance. Like with all vape tricks, be sure to use an e-liquid with high VG such as some of the juices at HQ Smoke and Vape to ensure a nice thick vapor.

Liquid Mist

The liquid mist trick is like the waterfall as it uses a cold surface to help increase the potency of the effect. It is best used while consuming a cold beverage. Drink a good portion of your beverage. Take a hit and angle your lips as though you’re about to take another sip. Slowly blow the vapor into the glass so that it covers the top of your drink. It should fill the rest of your glass and appear like it’s pooling over the edge of your drink.


Vapor bubbles require the use of some type of bubble solution (which can be soap and water) and something to blow through. A water bottle with the bottom cut out is a great option though you can also use an empty toilet paper tube in a pinch. Simply dip the end of the tube in the bubble mixture and carefully blow the vapor through the tube. To help detach the vapor bubble, do a gentle swirling motion with your hand that’s holding the tube after the bubble has formed.

With a little practice, you can be doing these basic vape tricks in no time.

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