BD J5900 By Samsung – Marvelous Blu-Ray Player

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Cheapest Blu-ray player ‘BD J5900’ by Samsung has been revealed which is one step from entry level of Samsung BD J5500. It characterizes built-in WiFi, internet apps and DLNA streaming. The BD-J5900 makes up for it with an appealing design. Its curved shape mimics Samsung’s curved TVs and soundbars, while the top panel and fascia have an unusual ridged texture.


Operation & Characteristics

The Quick Start mode gets you up and running in half a second, and the initial setup wizard runs you through all the key settings, including WiFi connection. Colorful graphics and helpful descriptions make it easy for even the most techno-phobic users. The deck jumps from page to page with alacrity and loads large files almost instantly. Web-streamed videos from YouTube play smoothly in sharp high definition quality.

The characteristics list is amazingly generous for the money. Built-in dual-band WiFi lets you stream media files from DLNA servers and access a range of internet apps, which is a godsend if your TV does not have built-in smart performance.

Nevertheless, the Samsung performs well as a DLNA streamer, which is allowing you to play DivX, XviD, AVI, WMV, MP3, AAC and JPEG. MKV and hi-res files are off-limits, which you will need to play these through the front USB port.


There are Movie and Dynamic presets, plus a User mode that lets you alter the contrast, brightness, sharpness and color, but for the best results select “Normal”. Its contrast balance, black depth, color fidelity and detail retrieval stay faithful to Christopher Nolan’s bold visuals.

The deck is only passing digital data to the TV like any other budget player, but that does not make the results any less eye-popping. You can play around with the picture settings in the Tools menu.


BD-J5900 is a fine Blu-ray spinner, boasting fast operation, a nice design and some nifty characteristics for the money.