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Biometric time clocks

There are many businesses that pay their employees by the hour. For these businesses, it is essential that time records for their employees are accurate. Unfortunately, time clock abuse by employees costs businesses literally billions of dollars around the world each year. There are still companies which rely on the old punch card time clock, which can be easily manipulated by dishonest employees. However, new technology now exists which can now make punch card time clock abuse a thing of the past. Biometric time clocks require employees to punch in and out from their shifts by using their thumb print. This method is impossible to tamper with. Here are some of the reasons why modern time clocks can help to increase profits.

1. An end to buddy punching

Buddy punching is the term that employers use for the practice of one employee punching the time card of another employee who is not at work. Therefore, the employee who is not there will be getting paid for doing absolutely nothing. When a standard punch card time clock is used, buddy punching is extremely easy. It can be done in only one second when the manager is not looking. However, many modern time clocks are biometric, meaning they require an employee’s thumb print in order for them to punch in or out. Obviously, this makes buddy punching impossible. Allied Time is a company that specializes in the sale of these biometric time clocks.

2. Constant access for business owners

Another thing that hurts the profits of businesses is when they are forced to pay unnecessary overtime. With a punch card time clock, it is difficult to tell exactly when an employee is going to cross over the 40 hour threshold that would require overtime to be paid. However, a time clock online enables an employer to constantly monitor how many hours his or her employees have worked. An alert can be set up so that when an employee is within one hour of crossing over 40 hours, a text message or email will be sent to the employer. This will give the employer enough time to tell the employee to punch out before they hit 40 hours.

3. Make instant staff adjustments

Employers can also go online and use modern time clock software to view their current staff situation from a remote location. They can then request more employees or send people home, depending on their specific needs.

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