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BRAVEN Debuts The 705 Portable Wireless Speaker

BRAVEN paints the audio world in vibrant colors with the 705 portable Bluetooth speaker. The ideal mobile speaker for tune lovers wishing to add a pop of color to their everyday music companion, BRAVEN’s 705 features an outstanding combination of HD sound, striking design, and colorful personality.

BRAVEN 705 Speaker

Available in eight lively colors, BRAVEN 705 offers more than just stunning looks. The 705 delivers amazing sound for over 12 hours, has the modern style and vivid colors to fit every occasion, and doubles as a portable battery to charge your smartphone and other USB devices. A true multi-purpose speaker, the 705 is clutch-sized, can fill the room with loud and clear sound, and showcases a unibody design with clean lines and sleek curves.

“The BRAVEN 705 is a reflection of your style whether you’re hanging out in your bedroom, lounging by the pool, or walking to class,” states Andy Fathollahi, Chief Executive. “The colorful addition to the acclaimed BRAVEN 7 series delivers incredible sound in bright and bold exteriors that match any taste, personality, and décor.”

BRAVEN 705 speakers are weatherproof and water resistant, with an IPX5 rating capable of surviving accidental splashes, drops, and bumps. It also sports an array of features, including an integrated noise-canceling microphone to make and take calls wirelessly and BRAVEN’s TrueWireless Technology that allows pairing of any two 7-series BRAVEN speakers for left and right channel stereo sound.

The BRAVEN 705 is now available in bright cyan, magenta, yellow, purple, and teal as well as bold black, grey, and white color options for only $99.99.

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