Humax HDR 1100S – Freetime Recorder

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The HDR 1100S is well equipped with built in WiFi by it even simpler to access catch up TV, the smart TV service which allows you to watch demanded content from the previous one day even past seven days. It is the ideal alternative to costly services such as Sky and Virgin. Since it has beamed to your home via satellite, you aren’t at the mercy of poor digital terrestrial reception.


You can even watch a third channel while two others are recording, even though the choice of available ‘third’ channels depends on which two channels are being recorded. The HDR 1100S also lets you stream music, videos and photos from networked PCs and NAS drives.

And if you aren’t into wireless streaming, you can play files from USB storage devices. The HDR 1100S’s slick menu system continues to make things easy. Humax takes a cool coeval approach to onscreen design, without compromising usability.

The menus are peppered with eye catching thumbnails and jazzy color schemes, which will be music to the ears of inexperienced users. Humax partners the box with a textbook remote.

Its long, slender shape and gloss white finish are easy on the eye and the thoughtful button layout makes navigation intuitive. The buttons are large and clearly labelled, with dedicated keys for all the important menus.

You can access practically all of the box’s specialties through the app by including the EPG, Showcase and Search, as well as launching on-demand curriculum and recordings. Nevertheless, you cannot watch recordings on your phone.

There is no text display panel the only sign that it is switched on is a subtle blue light glowing underneath. The HDR1100S into a full-on fashion accessory.

The unit boasts curvy white bodywork with a silver strip tracing the perimeter, making it the funkiest Freesat box around. It is available in black as well, if you prefer something more conventional.


The HDR-1100S is Humax’s finest Freesat receiver to date.