Make Your Life Easy With These Top Washing Machines!

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Selecting a good washing machine is no longer a housewife’s forte. With more and more individuals opting to live alone, and long working days, the need for a washing machine has never been so great. Nobody has the time to hand wash clothes anymore and with the innovation in technology, we have fully automatic machines that take care of every step of washing without any human help. Listed below is the Washing Machine Prices in India of various popular models and their specifications:-

  • LG F10B8NDL25

The front loading machine is priced at around Rs.32,000.  It has a capacity of 6 kgs. The machine’s Motion Direct Drive Technology has six different kinds of washes, namely- scrubbing, swing, rolling, stepping, tumbling, and filtration. The cloth type and the dirt level determine the kind of wash the machine uses. The energy efficient washing machine uses Inverter Direct Drive Technology to save power without affecting the machine’s ability to clean thoroughly. The machine uses water of up to 95 degrees Celsius to remove pathogens to sterilize the clothes.


  • Whirlpool WM PREMIER 702SD

This is a top-loading washing machine with a capacity of 7 kgs making it perfect for a small family. The fully automatic machine uses 6th Sense technology to correctly understand the kind of stains on the clothes and choose the type of washing procedure accordingly. It also has a Spa Wash system that can be used when the user wants a gentle and smooth wash. The user can choose from eight washing programs depending on the kind and quantity of clothes. It is made keeping safety in mind. It has a child lock as well as a rat mesh to prevent any mishaps. The washing machine is priced at approximately Rs.19, 000.Whirlpool WM PREMIER 702SD

  • Samsung WA62H4200HB

Another top-loading option, this Samsung product has a capacity of 6.2 kgs and has a price tag of about Rs.19, 000. It makes use of Samsung’s Wobble technology which results in the machine using less water and more power. This helps in preventing the clothes from getting entangled. The different wash programs allow the best cleaning for fabrics ranging from denims to satins. The digital user interface is convenient and easy to use. The machine has a useful self- cleaning feature that works to avert stench from forming.Samsung WA62H4200HB

  • Electrolux EF60ERWH

This washing machine has a price of Rs.18, 000 (approx). It is front- loading and has a capacity of 6 kgs. Many users need their clothes to dry faster and to meet this need the machine has a powerful spin of 800rpm which helps in drying the clothes faster. The in-built heater helps in automatic hot wash. The Fuzzy Logic technology gauges the cloth load to accordingly choose the most appropriate washing course. Additionally, the Anti-Foam Sensor helps in making sure that no smelly detergent is left behind. For the user who is in a hurry, the machine has a quick wash feature that washes clothes in 15 minutes.

Electrolux EF60ERWHThe invention of the washing machine has truly resulted in making our daily life easier and left us with more time to indulge in things we like.