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NuviCam LMT D By Garmin: Drive Safe

The nuviCam LMT-D is a relatively hefty 6-inch sat-nav, the camera’s at one end, making it little bulkier at that point.┬áDrivers and cyclists have increasingly been feeling the need to retain a record of their journeys for protection, so have been keeping cameras in their vehicles or on them.


The nuviCam sports two microSD card slots. One is the usual expansion port found on a sat-nav for installing custom maps, with the other dedicated to the dashboard camera. A 4GB card is included as standard for video recordings.

The camera can also allegedly provide collision and lane departure warnings, by detecting the road and car proximity. Nonetheless, this did not kick in through testing, and it did not seem safe to court danger just to try out the characteristics.

The nuviCam comes with a lifetime subscription to Digital Traffic. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that outside the UK and Northern Island, Digital Traffic is only available in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Norway. For other European countries, the nuviCam also receives standard RDS-TMC, which covers most of Europe apart from Portugal.

These include a Dash Cam app that allows you to view your recorded videos along with a live updating map showing where they were recorded, and more can be added.

There is also a panel on the right supplying access to favorites and recent destinations, also the full POI system. The underlying maps cover the whole of Europe, with lifetime updates available for free.

The current speed and direction can be found along the bottom, the next turning is at the top, and there is a right hand panel that can be configured with a variety of information, but will also display any traffic jams detected.


A sensible combination of sat-nav and dashboard camera, even though the resulting size could be an issue for some drivers.

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