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Pico-Pix Projector PPX2055 – Phillips Announces

Phillips Corporation has finally announced the handy projector called ‘Pico-Pix’. With amazing and ingenious features can be operated at anywhere.



This Pico-Pix is small enough for your pocket. Half the size of a camera and designed to pair-up with a laptop or Ultra book, the Pico-Pix PPX2055 has a resolution of 854 x 480 pixels, so isn’t capable of showing native H.D content.


Don’t be fooled into thinking the PicoPix PPX2055 provides an instant home cinema experience from your pocket. At just 55 lumens of brightness, you’re going to need as near to a blackout as possible for the Pico-Pix PPX2055 to do its job, though its makers claim it can produce an image as big as 120-inches. If that’s huge, the rest of the Pico-Pix PPX2055 screams tiny. Shipping with a tiny fabric pouch that looks like it could do with a belt holster – it’s that small – the package also contains a cable with a mini USB termination on one end.


Set-up wasn’t quite as easy as we’d hoped. We linked-up the Pico-Pix PPX2055 to a Mac-Book Air, and though the projector appeared as a drive, there was no Mac software available, just the Pico-Pix viewer 2 Setup.exe file. However, a ‘visit us’ weblink took us to the Philips support page, from where we manually found the correct drivers for Mac OS X (along with individual downloads for Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8). Unfortunately, the reboot required just wasn’t possible with the Pico-Pix PPX2055 attached without first crashing the Mac-Book Air, so we had to abandon this particular test.

Since there are no controls on the Pico-Pix PPX2055 itself, the Picviewer 2 software is all-important – and highly impressive. It’s rudimentary in terms of design, but keeps things ever so simple. Engaging the Pico-Pix PPX2055 is no more complicated than choosing a shortcut on the desktop of a laptop, and hitting OK on the first and only set-up screen.

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