Protect Employees and Guests with X-Ray Systems

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The number of shootings in public places seems to rise every year. From shootings that take place at colleges and universities to those in restaurants and other public places, you might find yourself constantly worrying about your employees and the guests and visitors coming to your workplace. X-ray systems give you the chance to keep track of what people bring into your office and stop them from bringing in guns that might harm others. Depending on where you buy your system, you may even have the chance to get some training before implementing it.

How Does an X-ray System Work?

An x-ray system consists of a large covered table and a separate screen. The covered table has the x-ray machine hidden inside. When a guest places his or her bags on the table, those items land on a moving belt. The belt slowly moves the items through the machine, which uses x-rays to see the contents inside. You can use the screen to get a good look at what items people bring into the building. This lets you see if any of your employees or visitors have guns, weapons or other things that you do not allow on your property.

Benefits of X-ray Machines and Systems

While getting a look at the contents of purses and other bags is one benefit of an x-ray system, you can also use the screen to get an even better look at the contents. With one click of a button, you can rotate the screen to look at various areas of the items, and you can use other buttons to zoom in on things you can’t see clearly. Some systems also come with an adjustable speed. This lets you increase or decrease the speed at which items move through the machine.

You’re Not on Your Own

Some business owners worry that they can’t use some of the top x-ray inspection systems because those systems are so complicated. Don’t let this type of technology stop you from getting the protection that your company, employees and visitors need. Some companies offer some training before you install one of these systems in your office. Technicians will show you how to use each button and feature and how to use the machine. That support continues after the installation to ensure that you have help using your new x-ray machine every step of the way. Buy and install an x-ray system in your business today.