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The Right Casters Keep Everything On Track

In just about every type of profession equipment has to perform. In many cases, reliable equipment makes a world of difference in execution and productivity. Theater casters are just one example of how those magical wheels help the entire performance move along without fail. Scenery, props, and other important aspects of the production need to be moved on and off stage in a few minutes, which means the right equipment keeps the whole play on track. Luckily, there are a few guidelines for selecting the perfect casters.

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Size Matters

Like other pieces of equipment there are several different sizes of casters available from a variety of manufacturers. While a well-stocked theater will likely have several sizes available, any type of new production should choose the right size for the piece of scenery or equipment. After all, appearance is vital to the overall look and feel.

Capacity is Huge

Capacity is the amount of weight a caster is able to support. While not directly related to size all the time, engineers and designers need to pay close attention to the capacity of the casters in order to safeguard cast and crew. Safety is paramount in any type of setting.

Material of Construction

Casters are available in all sorts of different materials. Steel, aluminum, and even alloy parts can add to the stability and capacity of the entire display. However, the wheels involved can also be plastic, rubber, or some other material, which can affect noise, durability, and even steering. Therefore, close attention needs to be paid to the material of construction to provide optimum performance.


Perhaps the biggest deal breaker in any theater or business environment is budget. Shopping around various retailers and suppliers can reveal some opportunities to pick up equipment at a fraction of the cost. In any event, spending enough money on one of the most basic, yet important, pieces of a production can go a long way.

In the end, casters are used for all sorts of reasons in a theater. Getting the right budget to purchase the proper capacity and well-made piece of equipment can be the difference between a safe and professional production and the sounds of sets scraping the stage. Casters need to function as reliably as the actors, because every production is the sum of a number of pieces. The equation simply has to work.

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