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4 Effective Tips to Appear More Confident

Confidence is something you wish you had. You’ve always been so envious of people you see who walk into a room exuding an aura of power, control, and ease. You wish that you could have that, but you aren’t sure where to start.

Fortunately, we’re here to help you out. So, take a break from looking up the cost of bunionectomy surgery, and let’s get right into 4 effective tips to appear more confident.

Find an Original Style

Confidence has a lot to do with your style. After all, when we think of confidence, we think of someone’s overall appearance and demeanor. We all know that what we wear is a direct reflection of how we view ourselves.

When you want to appear more confident, dress to impress. Don’t shy away from bold colors or daring statement pieces. Push the boundaries, and select a style that’s unique and original to you. People who stand out in a crowd are those who aren’t afraid to wear pieces that don’t always fit the norm.

Make Eye Contact

A hallmark characteristic of people who are insecure is that they rarely make eye contact with others. On the other end, people who maintain good eye contact are seen as confident and secure with themselves. This is precisely why you’ll want to work to make eye contact with others if you’re wanting to appear more confident.

When you don’t shy away from looking at someone, you’re asserting your dominance in a way. You aren’t afraid of what they think of you, and you stand comfortably in your own skin.

Perfect Your Posture

Picture two people standing next to one another. One person is slightly hunched over with their arms crossed in front of them. The other is standing tall with their hands on their hips. Which one would you perceive as more confident? We could all agree the person standing upright would undoubtedly appear to be more confident in themselves.

Perfecting your posture is a great method to appear more confident. Make an effort to notice your posture, particularly when you’re in a crowd of people.

Control Your Emotional Reactivity

When we think of confidence, we often think of someone who has a cool and calm demeanor. They rarely get phased by things. This is why it’s important that you learn to manage and control your emotional reactivity. When you are in control of your emotions, you undoubtedly appear more confident to others.

If you aren’t sure how to work on managing your emotional reactivity, mindfulness and meditation are great places to start. Through mindfulness and meditation, you learn how to bring awareness to your thoughts and emotions. In turn, you’re much less reactive to what you’re feeling, and this will help you to appear more confident along with many other positive benefits.

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