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4 Reasons Why Your Company Should Use QR Codes in Marketing

There are many enterprise technology marketing tools available for businesses today, and one that is gaining popularity is the QR code. These coded black squares allow your customers or potential clients to scan them with a mobile app in order to download custom content, your business information, and other important or useful content. This type of marketing is becoming more common with the rise of mobile apps and mobile technology, and they may benefit your business in several ways.

1. Convenience

 When you go to a business convention or trade show, having a QR code can be more convenient than carrying around a large stack of business cards. People who are interested in your business will be able to scan all the information they need directly off the code via their mobile app to view at their convenience later. You will not have to fumble your cards out each time you meet someone who is interested in your product, and you can even have your QR code printed on a variety of products they can take with them, such as keychains or insulated cup holders.

2.     You Can Offer Instant Incentives

One advantage to offering your customers a QR code is that you can include custom discounts and coupons directly through the code so they can use them at their convenience. Because QR codes are capable of holding a great deal of information, you can offer your customers deals on their next purchase, discount codes that they can apply toward their purchases online or participate in a frequent shopper program that allows them to incur points toward a larger discount or a free item when they reach their goal.

3.     QR Codes Can Increase Website Traffic

Including the company URL in the QR information you offer potential customers will increase traffic to your website. Not only will customers and clients have the ability to browse site content at their leisure, their browsing can cause them to remain on the site longer, which may drive up your traffic and your page ranking. For more expert tips on how to use enterprise technology for your business, from QR codes to business telecommunications, take a moment to read Don Burns Twitter feed.

4.     A Great Deal of Information Can Be Offered at Once

QR codes allow you to include your store location, if you have a physical business, your store hours, the phone number, and the URL of your website. This information is difficult to place on a small business card, and printed flyers can be wasteful and impractical. With a QR code, however, you can do a great deal of marketing without having to spend the money on printing, and your customer has all the information they need with a simple scan of their mobile device. Not only can this save you time, but you will do your part to help the environment as well by cutting back on paper waste.

QR codes can give you and your company the chance to highlight the most attractive aspects of your business with a simple scan. Not only might QR codes give you a marketing edge, they can raise your profits and bring in new clients each time you use them.

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