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5 Retail Signage Design Trends for 2019

Signs for retail stores have come a long way in the last decade or so. The prevalence of online shopping and the decline of the physical retail store has made effective signage even more important for traditional stores. If you want to pull in more customers, you need great signage. Here are five trends in retail signage design that may help you have a better 2019 for your business.

Retail Signage Design Trends

1. Reusing Materials

One cost-effective and convenient trend for your storefront’s signage in 2019 is reusing materials. Focus on creating signage that stresses sustainability and uses recyclable materials. Or, opt for crafting a one-of-a-kind sign that reuses salvaged materials from old buildings, such as reclaimed wood, architectural pieces, or old signs.

2. Digital Signage

Digital signage is another effective way to increase your store’s foot traffic. Digital signs can be easily changed and even incorporate interactive features for customers. You can also add customized details to your digital signage, such as weather information, new product offerings, and local news and content related to your industry.

3. Vinyl Banners

A low-tech solution for your store’s signage is large format printing on a vinyl banner. Traditional banners are being elevated with cooler graphics, eye-catching visuals, and unique layouts. Vinyl banners make a great addition to your other storefront signage pieces and can help you advertise seasonal sales, discounts, or special in-store events. They can also be used in both indoor settings and outdoor spots because of the durability of vinyl material.

4. Wrapped Text

If your retail location is positioned in its own building, you can incorporate some of the features of the building in your signage. One way to do this is to use wrapped text along the edges and corners of your building to give your store’s signage a little more depth. This effect works best with large warehouse-style building locations or other unique storefronts with character.

5. Innovative Printing Methods

In 2019, another trend you may want to try with your store’s signage uses some of the new and innovative printing methods available now. Some signs are incorporating 3D printing techniques to give the signage a little more texture and depth. Color, whitespace, and creativity can also make your signage more unique and noticeable.

You can make a statement by following some of the new signage trends when designing the look of your storefront for 2019. Help advertise your services and show off your brand identity with a cool sign and attract attention from everyone passing by.

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