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5 Signs of High-Functioning Anxiety

People who struggle with high-functioning anxiety are the masters at concealing their symptoms which can make it nearly impossible for others to know the chaos and worry they fear on a regular basis. If you’re curious if you or someone you know is experiencing high-functioning anxiety, we’re here to help you out.

Take a short break from scrolling Instagram or scheduling a move with, and let’s look at 5 signs of high-functioning anxiety.

High-Functioning Anxiety versus Generalized Anxiety Disorder

High-functioning anxiety is different from generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) in that people who experience high-functioning anxiety push past their anxieties on the surface. While they experience many of the same repetitive, anxious thoughts as people with GAD, they often try and take control of their thoughts through action.

Constant “What If” Thoughts

Similar to GAD, people who have high-functioning anxiety are constantly having “what if…” thoughts swirling through their minds. They are always feeling angst about the future, frequently on edge if they’re doing things incorrectly, and usually thinking of the worst-case scenario when it comes to most situations in their life.

Struggle to Remain Present

Part of the issue that people experience that have high-functioning anxiety is that they struggle to remain present. It’s incredibly hard for them to simply sit back and enjoy life. Instead, their thoughts are typically those that involve future events. This is incredibly damaging to people with high-functioning anxiety, as they never can truly feel relaxed and at peace.

They’re Social and Outgoing

You might be surprised to learn that people with high-functioning anxiety are often extroverted and outgoing. They mask their insecurities and anxiety well, and they often hide behind surrounding themselves with others as a way to get out of their own heads. People who have high-functioning anxiety never want to be left alone with their thoughts.

Unhealthy Coping Mechanisms

Unfortunately, people with high-functioning anxiety are often victims of substance abuse. They use unhealthy coping techniques as a form of self-medicating when it comes to drowning out their anxious thoughts. Oftentimes, these unhealthy coping techniques involve drinking alcohol in excess, abuse of prescription drugs, and overeating.

High Achiever

People who experience high-functioning anxiety are often high achievers. Considering they are always worried about rejection or failure, those who struggle with high-functioning anxiety work diligently and relentlessly to accomplish their goals. While being a high achiever isn’t a bad thing, it can become unhealthy if it’s fueled by feelings of anxiety or low self-worth.

Final Thoughts

If you suspect that you or someone you know has high-functioning anxiety, it’s best that you consult with a mental health professional. High-functioning anxiety decreases one’s overall well-being, so it’s crucial that anyone going through it seek help to manage and treat the symptoms of this surreptitious disorder.

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