All in One: How Comprehensive Courses Can Improve Your Information Retention

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As an IT professional, you’ve probably noticed that you and your colleagues have completed various levels of education. In fact, some of you may have not even attended college, simply collecting certifications and forging your own path.

So, we know formal collegiate experience isn’t a must. However, each and every one of you wants to be an asset, and for this, brushing up on skills and becoming adept at the latest and greatest is key. 

Can You Retain More with Comprehensive Learning? 

At first glance, comprehensive learning doesn’t seem conducive to improved retention. After all, ‘comprehensive’ means it encompasses a wide range of material, perhaps touching upon every topic you must know.

This runs counter to what we know about retention in learning. To truly retain information, it’s recommended that you take in a little bit at a time, experiment with ways to translate and apply the information, and always repeat until it has sunken in.

But in fact, modern comprehensive learning for IT supports this method of retention exactly. Learning via video is shown to be among the best ways to retain, since the brain is more likely to grab onto visual material.

Additionally, online IT training is often bundled with labs and practice exams that help you put what you’ve watched into practice. And if you need to refer back to other material which can support a new idea or skill, comprehensive courses will include that. With ease of access to everything you’re learning, you won’t have to disrupt your current thought/learning process to hunt down and explore a connecting idea. 

How Important is Continuing Education?  

Information technology is unlike many other careers in that a long career doesn’t necessarily mean you have the best skill set. Someone who hasn’t updated their skills since obtaining a master’s ten years ago has nothing on the pro with an associate’s who is always in conferences and taking practice tests.

Continuing education in IT isn’t just important, it’s easy. Can you think of a good excuse as to why an IT professional wouldn’t keep learning? You can take comprehensive IT courses online in your spare time, and be prepared to sit in for that certification exam before you know it.

Let’s face it, the industry is crowded with professionals who want the same jobs that you do. If you’re looking to interview somewhere new, you know there’s a good chance the waiting room will be full of other applicants. Expanding your resume and showing that you have the initiative to stay ahead of the curve is the only thing that will obviously set you apart. The very last thing you want is to show up at the table with a list of basic, expiring skills.

Technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace. What you learned in the past has almost certainly changed. If you want to show clients and prospective employers that you have the ability to advance, continued education is the way to go. Fortunately, video instruction and engaging, hands-on exercises make retention during comprehensive learning a reality.