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Four Fundamental Pieces of Lead-Winning Tech for Modern Business Blogs

Although the concepts of blogging and writing go hand in hand, there’s so much more to modern business blogs than the written word.

When you consider the amount of tech out there to help you capture leads, learn more about your visitors and encourage return traffic, you realize just how powerful a blog can be with the right tools on deck.

Whether you’re trying to drive more leads to your business or win sales via affiliate marketing, you need to make sure is set up for success with modern visitors. Consider the following four on-site upgrades you can implement ASAP to do exactly that.

Landing Page Videos

Given the relatively short attention span of today’s visitors, anything you can do to grab their attention as soon as they land on the page is a major plus. Welcome videos have become commonplace for modern blogs to prevent new traffic from bouncing.

Many marketers shy away from video marketing because they’re nervous in front of the camera or otherwise feel like video is an expensive, complicated investment. That said, think about creative strategies such as creating a whiteboard animation video which can get your point across in a matter of seconds while captivating your audience. Video in any shape or form can help you retain visitors, but a creative touch will definitely score you points with your traffic.

Live Chat

Speaking of low attention spans, visitors these days would prefer not to wait around when it comes to having their questions answered.

Sure, they might bounce to social media if they’re really interested, but having multiple forms of immediate contact can help keep them from bouncing out of your funnel. Live chat integrations which connect you with customers during business hours is a smart investment that goes beyond the limits of a traditional contact form.

CRM Integration

From returning traffic to those visiting your site for the first time, it’s paramount that you strive to learn as much as you possibly can about your visitors. If you’re serious about gathering customer data, you’re going to want to integrate your site with some sort of CRM sooner rather than later.

For those running on smaller budgets, you can check out some CRM WordPress plugins to help you get your feet wet with what the process looks like.

Email Autoresponders

Last but not least, email should be a major priority for any business looking to consistently keep in contact with leads and customers. Creating an autoresponder series which welcomes and nurtures your blog opt-ins is an absolute must-do, especially for those who want to monetize their blogs.

This is especially important if you’re offering some sort of lead magnet like a free e-book or web course for your leaders. Upon downloading, they’ll receive updates and education to keep them in the loop which can eventually translate into selling your product or services.

When you have a series of messages set up to both inform and eventually sell to your traffic, you can basically put a crucial component of your business on autopilot.

Supercharging your blog doesn’t require a total overhaul of your site, but rather the right upgrades. The combination of these integrations can help revive an underperforming blog or fine-tune a high-performing one.

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