How to Add a Great Title to your Poster

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There are lots of things that are important when it comes to creating the perfect poster!  There is the design, the font, the printing quality – and for this article we thought we’d focus on how to make a fantastic title to grab everyone’s attention.  The title is the first thing that people will see when they look at your poster, and it’s what they will associate with your marketing – so it’s essential you get it right.  Have a look at our handy guide below for some helpful hints.

Make it Relevant and Creative

It needs to be relevant to your brand or product to make sure people relate it to you, but it also is a good opportunity to show off your creative side.  It should be witty and punchy enough to get your poster noticed.

Imagery is Important

We all know that high quality images are important.  It’s an option to place your title above an image that people would be interested in if it’s relevant to your brand and the product or service you are promoting.  There are some great online sites such as where you can get these for free or for a small fee to make your poster look more professional in general.

Once you have got your title down, and your poster design ready – it is all set for the viewing public.  It doesn’t need to cost you the world, there are some great cheap poster printing options from sites such as that will allow you to not have to spend too much but still have a product that’s of great quality.  Even if you go for higher quality materials or finishes, it still suits any individual or business looking to create a poster on a budget.

Keep it Simple

It doesn’t need to be complicated to be impressive, it’s important to keep it simple and direct.  Although it can be clever, it’s important that you get straight to the point.  You may want to highlight strong offers immediately to get the users attention.  Keep it as short as possible, it shouldn’t be any more than 2 lines.  Otherwise it’s less likely that the reader will get to the end of it.

Clearly State what the Main Benefit is

What’s the main benefit of your product or service?  You could use this to create your headline if you are struggling.  That way you are letting the reader know that you are satisfying a specific need.  Let them know that you have an answer to a problem – or have found a solution.

Ask a Provocative Question

Asking questions, are a great way to get the prospective client reading on from the get go.  If you do go down this route, you need to make sure it’s relevant to the product and service you are pushing.  Don’t try and be too clever with your question and then forget to be informative.

It Should be Legible from 4ft Away

A great title isn’t any use if it can’t be seen by anyone.  A good poster title should be seen from at least 4ft away.  This means that you need to make sure that the font is right, and that the title is large enough to be seen.  You could try and use bold lettering or select a more vibrant colour.

Create an Angular Title

If you create your title on an angle, it gives off the impression that it is moving.  This would work particularly well if the poster was about a sport or something else that was movement orientated.

Move it About

Think outside the box. Your title doesn’t need to be all in one place, for a more dramatic effect – you could have segments of it on different areas of the poster.  This should draw attention to different parts of your poster to make sure the user is taking in all of the relevant information.

Why Not Include a Border?

If you want to draw emphasis to your poster title, you could create a border around it – so it is more eye catching.  It doesn’t need to be too complicated – it could be a coloured box – or else it could be framed with some imagery.

Spice it up with Symbols

Once people have read your title, they are then going to go on and read the rest of the content.  Instead of simple bullet points – why not make use of symbols and icons to make the content stand out.

We hope you are now on your way to creating some great advertising materials that will get your company noticed.