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How to Feel Your Best in Aging Skin

One of the most noticeable signs of getting older is in your skin. It’s perhaps one of the most dreaded changes as it’s often most prominent. You can hide your aches and pains, but wrinkles are front and center. Fortunately, there are many changes you can implement right away. Here are several tips to help keep you looking and feeling beautiful.

Rethink Your Beauty Routine

Older skin needs special care, so it might be time to revamp your make-up drawer. What used to work in your 20’s is not formulated for more delicate skin. It’s time to ditch heavy cosmetics containing glitter and harsh colors. Lighten up with a tinted moisturizer that won’t settle into wrinkles or flake off. Neutral shades look soft, whereas dark colors accentuate flaws. Remember to incorporate sunscreen into your routine to prevent further damage.

Specialized Skin Treatments

Often, there are times when make-up can’t solve a specific problem and the best option is to seek out JB Cosmetics & Facial Surgery as a longer lasting solution. Many of these treatments are very affordable and can make a dramatic difference. Explore options from facial treatments, fillers or cosmetic surgery.

Stay Hydrated

Another step to help combat the effects of aging is to stay hydrated. It may sound too simple, but don’t underestimate the benefits of getting enough water. People often forget that water can flush out harmful toxins and keep you looking great. Be sure to enjoy a diet filled with fruits and vegetables that are moisture-rich.

Take Good Care of Yourself

Going hand-in-hand with staying hydrated, be sure to nourish your body with exercise and plenty of shut-eye. Exercise aids in circulation giving you a healthy glow. A good night of sleep keeps you looking well-rested.

Reap the Benefits

Caring for maturing skin is different for everyone, but it’s not difficult. You’ll find what works best for your personal skin type. Incorporating healthy changes into your daily regimen can only be positive, and your skin and body will reap the benefits.

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