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How to Find a Job in Data Science

Data science and financial technology have become in-demand recently with unemployment and corporations. Both these fields are very much needed by businesses in fulfilling their data requests and demands. The employment options, at places like Cane Bay Partners for example, for these professionals are also good. They can be found almost everywhere, from data warehouse positions to a job in an IT company’s finance department. Financial technology deals with the integration of finance and accounting systems and data management.

Data Analysts Needed

Most companies need data analysts to work on projects that require mathematical and statistical analysis. Companies can train their employees in entry-level positions. However, some companies prefer hiring an outside employee who is already knowledgeable with their own data science and financial technology skills. Hiring an external employee instead of hiring someone new would save the company money and time because they don’t have to train the employee on their specific job duties.

Entering the Financial Sector

People who are interested in entering the financial sector should acquire the basic skills required. These skills include accounting, data analysis, statistics, computer programming, and basic finance. Someone with these skills can become a financial analyst, investment banking analyst, business analyst, quantitative researcher, or venture capitalist. These job titles sound like they are related to one another but they are actually different in the area of focus.

Become Skilled at Programming and Analyzing

If you want to pursue a career in data science and financial technology, you need to become skilled at both programming and analyzing. The software programs used by companies in these two areas are similar. However, they have differences such as how the output is presented. It is important for you to consider entering one of these positions as an entry-level position because it allows you to practice your skills and gain experience with no financial risk.

Specialize What Suits Your Needs

In the field of data science and financial technology, you can choose to specialize in one or more fields depending on what suits your needs best. For instance, if you are good with computer programming, you can become a computer data analyst. A financial data analyst, on the other hand, will be better suited to be an investment banker. You should however keep in mind that financial analysts are not exempt from regular job duties such as accounting.

Looking for Statistics Gurus

Many companies in the financial industry are looking for people who are good with statistics. This is why data science and financial technology are some of the entry-level positions being offered. As an entry-level position, you can also work for private firms as a data analyst or a data technician. These are just some of the opportunities you have if you plan to pursue a career in fintech and data analysis.

Even if you do not have a bachelor’s degree, it is always a great idea to have prior knowledge of one of these subjects. The reason for this is that no one can say whether you would be good at programming without having prior knowledge of the subject matter.


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