How to Reduce the Risk of COVID-19 Spread at The Office

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One of the first things you may have heard since COVID-19 began to spread is that you must wash your hands more often and maintain social distancing. Following the government’s orders to stay home and only go out for essential work might help some people keep a distance from others. But, what about frontline workers who have to show up at work and risk their lives almost every day?When some workers have no other choice but to get out of bed every day and head to work, they must take every step possible to remain safe. Here are some ways you can implement safety at work.

Introduce Proximity Cards

If your company uses the traditional method of identifying an employee, it is time to step up your game. Instead of having a security card sitting at the door, analyzing everyone’s card, have the security guard sit away from the front door where people enter and exit. Introducing proximity cards will enable the employees to enter the building without having direct contact with another individual.

A proximity card is a contactless card that does not need to be entered into a reader device. The reader can automatically identify the card after the user taps or holds it on the surface to gain access. Employees can use it to enter a building or specific access points such as private rooms and parking areas.

Move Desks Around

It might be tough to feel motivated to work if you are isolated within your workspace, but it is essential for everyone’s safety. Moving desks around and keeping at least feet meters distance between each table will allow social distancing during work.

The Government of Canada website refers to maintaining a distance as physical distancing and mentions that it is proven to be one of the most effective ways to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Physical or social distancing requires you to avoid crowded places and limit contact with people.

Frequently Sanitize Equipment

If you are working with others, you may need to pass around a stapler or pen. But, there is a risk of transmitting germs. So, the best way to prevent germs from spreading is to sanitize every product after use. It may sound exhausting, but it is an essential component of staying safe.

COVID-19 germs can live on surfaces for a long time. The timeline depends on the item itself. For example, it can remain on wood for four days and metal for up to nine days.

Avoid Meetings in Small Rooms

It may be efficient to hold meetings in a conference room. However, if the room does not have enough space for the employees to maintain social distance, it is better to avoid it. It may be tough to hold a meeting within the room everyone works, but it seems viable.

Alternatively, consider holding meetings via video calls, even if you are all inside the same room. At least this way, everyone can stay at their desks and still communicate efficiently.

If your employees are risking their lives to come to work, it is crucial to keep an eye out for them. Follow all possible social distancing and safety techniques to ensure that germs do not spread.