Introducing The Future Of Technology

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The future of technology really is upon us. Gone are the times of having to wait for a dial up connection. Gone are the times of simply picking up a controller to game. Gone are the times of struggling to find something you need. If you think about technology, you surely have to realise that we have come such a long way, in such a small space of time. Now the ball is fully rolling here, there seems to be nothing that technology can’t do. From the tech that a business is able to utilise, to the tech the everyday person is glued to due to their uses in everyday life. So we want to explore what the future of technology holds, for people growing up in the technological era.

The Speed

If you think back to around five years ago, you would still have to wait a little bit for an app to load, or a screen to change. But now, they happen within a heart beat, and it seems to only be getting quicker. With laptops, we’ve seen an even bigger improvement. Think about the loading up times as an example. It used to take what would feel like years for it to load up before, now it seems to happen in under a minute. There are so many great laptops on the market at the minute that would suit your many different needs as well. If you go onto websites such as, you’ll see a range of different laptops scrutinised, maybe you could have a little read and see if it’s time for the future of technology to be in your hands! However, one thing we will comment on with regards to laptops and phones, is that they do deteriorate quick, which is what we hope the future of technology changes. Have the phone or a laptop for a year, and it will have lost a lot of its power, and it will have a few bugs that affect the way the phone works.

The Power

Power is something that we’re definitely seeing an improvement with. The more something costs, generally the more power it will have. With laptops in particular, this reigns true. But we’re not just going to limit this article just to mobiles and laptops, the same could be said about TV’s and gaming consoles. They’re so powerful in terms of the data they can process within a certain period of time, it really is showing us that the future of technology is going to mean smarter devices, capable of doing more processing than we would have ever believed before.

The Creativity

Technology definitely is creative. Technology allows us to use our brains to develop tech that’s going to improve the world for the better. Think of things such as 3D entertainment. It isn’t necessarily going to improve our lives for the better, but the creativity that has gone into the idea of it all is wonderful! 3D tech has progressed to 7D tech, with the help of aids such as VR technology.