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Keeping Kids Sane Through Quarantine

If anyone in your family has had to quarantine this year, then you’re already familiar with the boredom struggle. Trying to keep everyone in the house until your time is up is no easy task. If you’re looking for more ideas to keep kids occupied, try a couple of these tricks.

Call a Relative

You can’t bring other people into your quarantine, and you can’t go to see them, but thanks to the magic of the internet, you can still talk to your loved ones. Video chats and phone calls can help you stay connected with your family while you’re away from them, and kids love to see people they know on your phone or computer screen.

Use Your Hands

The more hands-on activities you can bring into your day, the better for your kids’ minds. Stickers, puzzles, blocks, and play dough are all fun ways to keep their hands busy. If you have a dinner recipe, they can help you cook, allowing them to learn about the kitchen as well as staying away from boredom.

Read a Book

Many kids undervalue the wonder that books can be, which is sad to see. Books can give them opportunities to learn, develop their minds, and use their imaginations to see the stories play out. If you don’t have books on hand, order them online to keep your quarantine intact, or have someone drop off some of your favorites.

Try to Learn

Your kids may not be able to be in school, but that’s no reason to let their learning fall behind. Consult with their teachers and see where each child is academically, and seek out tools, books, and games that will help them get to the next step. Quarantine (hopefully) won’t last very long, but the lessons they learn could last forever.

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