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Key benefits of electronic console safes

People who love to spend most of their time outdoors normally leave their vehicles in unguarded parking lots, and they might leave their valuable possessions in a cabin. In such a case, you need to install a console vault in your vehicle to carry your firearm and other valuables, including your wallet and cell phone. Although in the past, the idea of installing a lock’er down safe inside a vehicle was left to government officials, the wealthy, and celebrities who required additional security, these components are currently available and mass-produced for all people to use them. Continue reading this guide to uncover the critical benefits of installing a console vault safe in your vehicle.

Key benefits of electronic console safes

Ease of operation

Electronic console safes are one of the most user-friendly kinds of locks you can use for gun safes and burglary/fire safes. In particular, they are easy to use and eliminate the need to monitor your keys and remember a certain combination.

In most cases, a lock’er down lock would be programmed to use a key code that you can easily remember and change when necessary. Also, a digital keypad in most safes has a LED light that makes it easier to use in poor weather conditions or lighting and at night. Other safes have spring-assisted or automatic doors, meaning you can concentrate on monitoring the surroundings while ensuring you access your gun when you require it.

High durability

The best console safes have mounting bolts, subpar hinges, and other components which burglars cannot easily smash. Also, since the lock’er down safes are meant to be permanently attached to your vehicle, they are designed to withstand the knocks, bumps, and impacts you encounter on the road. Most sellers include additional accessories, including padding and secure straps to keep your console securely tethered to your car.

Further, most burglars come prepared; that is why most safes are designed using strong materials that can resist smashing or cutting and the potential of being affected by water, fire, and other hazards. 12-gauge cold-rolled steel is one of the most used materials in the construction of most lock’er down products. Not only that, most of the safes have a cushioned lining of soft material to protect your gin while your car is in transit and also reduce the impact of condensation and humidity on your weapon.

High security

Electronic console safes reign the industry by offering additional security features. Depending on the kind of console safe you buy, you can set up several useful secondary security checks to enhance its safety and reliability. Notably, most of the modern console safes  come with safety features such as:

  • A time delay option will enable you to set up your safe to open after a short delay period to prevent burglary attempts.
  • Dual token mode is a feature of electronic safes that doubles as your protection.
  • Dual controls need two separate combination entries to function.
  • Wrong try functions setting will automatically disable the lock of the safe after the specified number of wrong code entries
  • Time-period settings will enable you to program your safety to be operated only during specific hours, such as when you are in your car.
  • Duress mode– some safes provide you with an option to trigger a silent alarm to notify authorities about an emergency.
  • One-time use code– some models might offer on-time use or temporary code to unlock your safe.


Since console safes can withstand wear and tear, it means they can last longer than traditional locks. One of the ways you can know if you have the best safety is by looking at the UL rating of the products. UL-listed means that the manufacturer has tested their products to meet specific safety hazards and all requirements. In summation, such a rating proves that console safety has been tested for reliability and functionality.

A console vault safe is a great investment, especially if you spend most of your time outdoors, since you can relax knowing that your valuables are safe in your truck or car when you are not around. Also, safety can offer you peace of mind while you leave your firearm in a secure and safe place.

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