What Jobs Can You Get With a Degree in Biology?

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If you are fascinated by the science of life, you might be wondering how you can turn that interest into a career.

Science Journalism

There are many different opportunities in science media and publishing. You could work for a publisher of peer-reviewed journals like Bentham Science Open. There are also many newspapers and popular science websites that always need engaging content.

Pharmaceutical Science

Some biology majors find jobs in pharmaceutical sales and marketing. Others find employment as laboratory technicians or pharmacologists. They research and test new medications for efficacy and safety before they are released on the market. You can search in publications from companies like Bentham Open to get an idea of the type of reports you would be writing based on your work.


A degree in biology qualifies you for several different jobs in the healthcare field. Most will require further education, for which you are well-prepared with your biology degree. Physician assistants, health educators, dentists and veterinarians all commonly start with an undergraduate degree in biology.

Genetic Engineering

Genetic engineers use advanced techniques to reconfigure DNA. They are employed in government, business and academic laboratories. This research has important and wide-ranging implications. Genetic engineers use their skills to enhance plant DNA to combat poor growing conditions or disease. Some find treatments or cures for diseases in humans using modifications to our DNA.


When you were in college, did you ever want to do what your favorite professors did? You can inspire students from kindergarten through graduate school as a biology teacher or professor. Teaching children usually requires a special certificate, while teachers at the college level often have a master’s degree or a Ph. D.

Environmental Science

This field entails collecting and analyzing data to find and eliminate threats to the environment. This is an excellent career field to choose if you do not like to be behind a desk or in a lab all day, as you will be responsible for conducting research and collecting samples outdoors.