Yes, You Can Have Staff Without Breaking the Budget

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As a small business owner, it’s hard to consider adding staff members. It means a need for more space and funds. That help, however, could certainly improve your growth and customer service. How do you find a happy medium, then, between managing a budget and getting the extra hands you need? It’s important to consider the person’s functions and benefits. Here are three ways to expand without breaking the bank.

Use Remote Employees

You could save a bit by looking for a telecommute worker, someone who works at home completing tasks you need. You’ll pay a salary, but avoid additional costs needed if you had a permanent location. Take for example a Live Virtual Receptionist. While you’re out completing jobs, this person answer calls and provides information to potential clients. A desk and office aren’t necessary. People are happy getting to speak with a real voice, while you take care of operations. In addition to the receptionist, bookkeepers can also complete what they need at the house.

Market Appropriately

It might seem like you need to invest greatly in marketing. After all, people need to know you’re there. Consider carefully your demographic, and then research various options. For example, most people don’t even look at fliers anymore. They do complete a Google search, though. With that in mind, it may pay to hire an SEO writer who can blog and draw traffic to your site. You can freelance this, keeping the price as low as possible. Again, no office space needed here. Let’s face it; most people don’t look too far down the search engine. An online presence is certainly beneficial in showcasing what you can do.

Hire Wisely

Be careful when you select a new team member. You want someone willing to learn and with a good ethic. Someone with a lot of experience can be handy and finish a great deal. It may cost you money, but it could also allow you to pick up more jobs and save time with training. Furthermore, it might be worth it to invest in a specialist rather than a novice, avoiding training time and frustration.

Yes, you can expand, adding on some extra hands. Those skills might even make it easier to boost revenue and increase your assignments. It’s a matter of being thoughtful and weighing options. Reduce price points by eliminating in-office helpers. Then, invest in the skill sets that drive more orders to you.