Different kinds of controllers on the market

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One of the first pieces of equipment that you should start considering investing in when choosing to become a DJ is a high-quality controller. There are many different kinds of controllers on the market, so it can seem overwhelming at first. When selecting a controller, it’s important to take your skill level into account. Professional-level controllers can cost thousands of dollars, and they involve a whole selection of software, channels, and built-in screens that you should really understand before you start making purchases.

For those just starting out, you first need to explore the software and find what suits your personal style. You don’t have to break your budget with your first purchase. As you get more practice, you can upgrade to controllers with more channels and screens. Do you want a controller that’s good for scratching? Does your controller need to stand alone or should it be compatible with your computer? These are all things to consider before making a purchase. Use the infographic below to get a better idea of the controllers most suitable to your DJing experience.