HVFE2150L By Black & Decker – Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

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Black & Decker is the Company who has revealed “HVFE2150L cordless vacuum cleaner,” which is the company’s entry-level bag-less stick vacuum with ORA Optimized Runtime and Airflow technology. For versatile, cleaning abilities the HVFE2150L can be used as a handheld cleaner, ideal for small jobs or taking out to the car, with its extension tube to retroflex a cylinder cleaner or with the supplied turbo-brush head for more serious upright-style floor cleaning duties.


Cleaning Ability

The HVFE2150L surely packs a fair bit of suction for a lightweight cleaner. Yet, in spite of this low mass, with the handle placed towards the back of the machine, it fees rather unbalanced in the hand and more unwieldy than its weight would suggest.

The HVFE2150L really comes into its own in upright mode, where it feels much more comfortable in the hand, it is well balanced and highly maneuverable. We nipped around a carpeted room in quick time using a gentle turn of the wrist to steer around obstacles.

Hold it at the very back of the curved handle to clean at arm height, desktops and sofa backs for example, and it will rotate forward unless you have a firm grip. Similarly, clip on the extension tube and it takes a fair hoist to raise it to head height to clean a high picture rail, for instance.

While this model does feel like it packs good suction through the small hand-held nozzle, a fair bit of that power seems dispersed by the wide floor-head, articulating neck and tubes. It is surely enough suck to quickly pick up surface dirt, but you will not get a deep down clean or be replacing your home’s main cleaner with this B&D model.

The HVFE2150L on stairs, we plumped for a mix of a first pass using the tube and floor-head and then a second pass into corners and crevices as a hand held. For surface dust and dirt, it picked up well and any residual dirt in corners and at edges was quickly dispatched on a second pass in handheld mode.

Accessories & Designing

The HVFE2150L is a handheld cleaner with bag-less cyclone technology. It promises to be light, compact and convenient, and can be left on charge ensuring it is always ready to go for quick clean ups. here is a small foam exhaust filter that is fully washable, ensuring there are no consumable running costs. The ORA technology characteristics three individual chambers climaxing in 12 air-cyclone chambers to remove ever smaller dust particles.

The handheld section characteristics a pullout plastic tube, extending the reach by about 12cm, and a small clip on dusting brush. Nonetheless, it’s the larger add-ons that really expand the HVFE2150L’s scope. Flip back the brush and you can attach the main turbo-brush floor-head, turning the whole ensemble into a compact and light upright cleaner.

The beater bar itself is motorized, adding a little weight where you want it at floor level, and air-channels have been designed into the head to get suction to the carpet edge


The HVFE2150L turned in a respectable pet hair cleaning functionality, and solid decent value cordless cleaner.