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Identify the Battery not functioning properly

Unfortunately, issues with specific parts on a MacBook do arise, such as the battery not charging as fully as it used to or the MacBook switching off randomly, even if the battery seems to indicate that it has a full charge. Fortunately, finding Apple replacement parts is easy, and you can have your MacBook running just as great as it used to without the expense of having to invest in a brand new unit. Here are some ways you can easily identify if the battery is the part that is not functioning properly.

View the Current Battery Status

Your MacBook is already equipped to monitor the health of the battery, and one of the easiest ways to view the current battery status is to click on the Alt/Option keys simultaneously then click on the battery charge icon that is located right by the clock on the top right corner. The battery should indicate a message, which will alert you to its condition, such as “normal”, “replace now” or “replace soon.” If you see a “replace soon” message, it is possible that your MacBook will continue to function as normal for awhile, but it will be useful to go ahead and search for the replacement MacBook parts ahead of time.

Install a Third Party Monitoring App

It is easy to install free battery monitoring apps, and many of them will also help you save energy while you are running other programs. Apps like these will usually indicate more detailed information about your battery, such as its projected life expectancy and the measurement of how many times the battery reaches its maximum charge each day, as compared to how frequently it reaches it when the MacBook is brand new.

Avoid Poor Batter Performance

On many Apple products, one of the primary reasons the battery experiences issues is that it is being asked to overwork. Some of the ways you can improve longevity is to dim the display, ensure all Bluetooth connections are turned off when you are not using them and to ensure all software updates are current. Another thing that will help is to always close unused applications. Apple only recommends that you charge your device to 50 percent daily as well.

Each of these steps will ensure that your MacBook battery is functioning at its prime level. If you do experience problems and cannot identify the source, a great resource is the Apple forums and YouTube videos, which will help you identify which part needs replacing.

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