Mini Motors: Powering Security and Surveillance Systems

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Many security and surveillance solutions these days have become really advanced, and rightfully so because the requirements of today’s customers have also become more rigorous and demanding.

brushless DC motors

Equipment such as automated locks, doors, security cameras and the like are now made more compact, ergonomic and unobtrusive yet still multi-functional and efficient. They should also be able to do their job in the toughest of environments, whether natural or man-made.

Manufacturers of electronic components such as brushless DC motors are following suit by coming up with equally high-tech and well-designed products. These types of mini motors are one of the most important parts of security and surveillance equipment these days.

Security systems
Mini motors power the necessary movement and functionalities of many security devices, most common of which are surveillance cameras. These are usually seen in large or critical establishments such as offices, banks, airports, malls, and many other private and public spaces. However, security cameras are now also being increasingly used in schools, universities, and other educational institutions, as well as standalone shops, stores, and residences.

With the advent of affordable security technologies, these solutions have been made more accessible to a larger market of consumers and users. These devices are now also relatively easy to use and set up, especially with the accessibility of wireless technologies and the availability of affordable Internet connectivity.

In terms of application, security cameras need to be resilient against extreme weather conditions, since many of them are used in large areas and in outdoor environments in order to monitor entrance and exit points. Thus, the use of highly precise, ultra-quiet, and compact motors are important in achieving varied but accurate camera movements.

Electronic access systems

The technology of miniature motors also plays a big part in enabling modern electronic access systems such as key card or alphanumeric keypad door controls. These solutions find extensive use in private properties as well as government offices, laboratories, schools and commercial establishments such as hotels.

Increasingly, electronic access systems are also finding application in personal spaces and residences, as affordable technology again makes such solutions more accessible and practical for more customers. Whereas before, these types of access systems in homes were rare, now it is becoming quite common.

The mini motors that drive these access systems need to be reliable and tough to withstand repeated use. Their designs are becoming increasingly compact and streamlined, in order to suit application in limited spaces allowed in entryways. They should also be energy-efficient in order to achieve less frequent maintenance and battery replacement.

Motor customization
For manufacturers of security devices and surveillance equipment, customized motor components are sometimes required in order to suit specific product designs and functionalities. A good electronic component supplier can work with such requirements and develop customized motor solutions.

Miniature motors for security cameras, for instance, can be fitted with gearheads for increased power and finer incremental motion. Encoders can also provide valuable data on camera position. Shaft modifications are another common motor customization request.

Component quality

Needless to say, the reliable function of surveillance and access devices depend on the quality of components such as the motors that go into them. The market may be flooded with cheap and readily available electronic components, but more often than not, these have very short life spans and questionable performance.

Reputable suppliers are best to work with, because they will act as your partners in developing the perfect motor solution, especially for the specific demands in the security and surveillance equipment segments. The cost of investment can be high in the beginning, but it will pay off in terms of being able to offer excellent, quality products to clients and customers.