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Samsung HW-K850 Has A Incredible Sound Quality

Yamaha was the first to announce a Dolby Atmos soundbar and Samsung was quick to follow up. Samsung refers to its most affordable K850 is, on the other hand, a soundbar. There are no rear speakers. Samsung says that it packs a 3.1.2-channel sys (left, center, right in soundbar + 2 roof-firing + 1 subwoofer units). It connects wirelessly to the subwoofer.

The HW-K850 features two up-firing Atmos speakers built into the soundbar for object-based audio, allowing for a more three-dimensional feel to your media. It delivers up to the 350W of total power and includes a wireless subwoofer for convenient placement.


The HW-K850 soundbar sys has an HDMI, optical, and 1/8″ Aux input for connecting your external devices. The HDMI output also features ARC-compatibility for the reproduction of TV-based audio such as that from built-in apps. For wireless connectivity with compatible smart devices, it also has Bluetooth built-in. The sys includes an HDMI cable for the instant connectivity and a wall mount bracket for the soundbar.

Samsung claims that it is the company first Dolby Atmos-enabled soundbar. Dolby Atmos is an object-based audio sys that can position sound as ‘objects’ in your living room. You already have experienced Dolby Atmos in the cinema.

The HW-K850 soundbar provides 3.1.2-channel sound. This new model leaves out the surround speakers, with just the two ceiling-firing speakers in the sound bar making up the Atmos array. While surround speakers don’t make a showing here, the wireless subwoofer is still present.

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