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A new Kickstarter has popped up for a portable turntable with a detachable Bluetooth smart speaker

The DUO turntable combines both vintage and new tech to offer a machine this is able to playing each vinyl record and streaming tune. Ready with a detachable speaker the report playing device may be left in situ, even as you concentrate to streamed music someplace else.

DUO Compact Turntable Design

It’s a vivid, amusing-searching unit that kind of looks like if IKEA expanded its Teenage Engineering line to consist of a stitching system. The top component has the turntable, which has a reduced platter size that’s handiest 3.2 inches in diameter — one fourth the scale of a preferred platter. It uses a belt pressure and the company says it has a “precise rotational stabilization” to assist minimize vibrations and has a wow and flutter of less than .9 %. (Wow and flutter is how an awful lot distortion there may be while a turntable performs a file — typically a first-rate turntable has a wow and flutter price of below .10 %.) The participant additionally comes with an Audio-Technica AT3600L cartridge and a tonearm with a spring rather than a counterweight that gives you a tracking pressure of 2.5 grams.

DUO Compact Turntable Features

As for the speaker, it has a range of 10 to 15 meters and when stored, slides nicely under the turntable to create one flush unit. It has a Qualcomm CSR8670 chip and uses the aptX Bluetooth compression protocol, which supports high-definition audio with a sample rate of up to 48 kHz and sample resolutions up to 24 bits.

The speaker can be used independently of the turntable, and can switch from playing records to streaming audio. It’s also got a built-in Alexa functionality (so really, you could use it for more than just playing music). The speaker houses two full-range drivers and two low-frequency passive radiators, packed into a small 1.8 pound brick. If you nab a second speaker and press their Bluetooth buttons at the same time, DUO will automatically configure them into left and right channels for a stereo experience.

DUO Compact Turntable Price

That said, if you want to preorder a DUO turntable, the early bird price is $219 with an estimated delivery date of December 2019. It theoretically will come in orange, yellow, and black, but there is a note on the Kickstarter page that the company will “send a survey for color choices after the campaign ends.”

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