Amazon has also created a Fire TV Recast system that acts as a DVR

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The brand new Fire Tv Recast DVR is amongst various new product Amazon is making ready to release for this year’s holiday shopping season, and it was a runaway preferred for Amazon-watchers given a preview of Amazon’s most modern merchandise last week.

The Recast is designed to attraction to wire-cutters who leave out their cable-television DVR box. Amazon’s television recording answer is strictly designed to record over-the-air/free tv pronounces, and won’t work with satellite tv for pc, telco, or cable television. Oddly, it does work with one streaming cable-tv alternative: PS Vue, however for the most component, Recast will make feel if you spend a lot of time looking and recording local tv stations. In larger cities, this means the ability to file 35-50 different stations and their digital subchannels. In smaller markets, a dozen or so stations ‘worth recording’ is more likely.

Amazon Fire TV Recast Over-The-Air DVR Features

You may additionally use Alexa with Fire television Recast. The smart assistant can look for indicates, browse the recordings you have got at the DVR, exchange television channels, control payback and control and time table recordings. There are no month-to-month fees, but handiest one fireplace television Recast can be registered in keeping with Amazon account.

The device is made for people who’ve cut the cord, but still want to get network TV shows or sports broadcasts to go along with streaming services like Amazon Prime and Netflix. Others like Tablo and have offered “headless” OTA DVRs before, but attaching Amazon’s name and Alexa technology to the device — and boosting its promotion in search results — could increase its appeal.

Amazon Fire TV Recast Over-The-Air DVR Price

Recast’s standard configuration ($229) has two tuners and a 500GB hard drive, supporting two concurrent recordings and up to 75 hours of stored HD content. A deluxe version containing four tuners capable of recording four different shows/channels at the same time and a 1 TB drive doubles storage capacity for just $50 more, and will go on sale Nov. 14 for $279.99. Amazon is accepting pre-orders for both now.