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DJI has released a new version of its DJI Goggles for drone racers

Drone and accessory maker DJI has this week unveiled a new addition to their variety of drone racing goggles, with the release of the DJI Goggles RE, Racing version headwear. constructing on the tech included into the original DJI Goggles wearing dual 1080p HD screens. Helping both pano viewing and local video playback offering an more advantageous first person view (FPV) flying revel in.

DJI Goggles RE Design

The DJI Goggles RE are designed specifically for drone racing. The sport goes from energy to strength as its reputation maintains to climb. That is why DJI has created its new Goggles RE which stands for Racing version. Even as they appear quite comparable in layout to the authentic DJI Goggles, they function a new black matte coloration scheme with crimson leather-based padding on the scarf. The new specifications absolutely look a fair degree sleeker than the original DJI Goggles, but the changes pass deeper than mere aesthetics.

DJI Goggles RE

DJI Goggles RE Features

Possibly the most noteworthy feature is that you don’t need to very own a DJI-made drone to apply those. Video streaming is predicated on the OcuSync Video Transmission Module, which DJI says is well matched with a “sort of multi-rotor and fixed-wing plane.” That module gives 12 transmission channels, in order to assist lessen interference in the course of races wherein multiple drones are working in close proximity to each other, and automated Frequency-Hopping unfold Spectrum transmission, to be able to soar between 2.4 and 5.8GHz channels whilst there’s too much noise on one.

The business enterprise’s external OcuSync digital camera is also like minded with DJI Goggles RE, supplying a international shutter and a 148-degree field of view. Furthermore, the Goggles support a number of exceptional third-party flight controllers, along with F3, F4, KISS, and Naze. Manifestly, even as DJI Goggles RE are intended first and foremost for drone racing fanatics, DJI envisions many exclusive applications across a number of industries, consisting of search and rescue operations or constructing inspections.

DJI Goggles RE Price

DJI Goggles RE Drone Racing Goggles – £549
DJI Goggles Racing Edition & Carry More Backpack – £619
DJI Goggles Racing Combo – £899

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