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Garmin Forerunner 735XT Multisport Watch

Just a few months after launching its Forerunner 630 running watch, Garmin’s back with an even more premium multi-sport device: the Forerunner 735XT. The GPS-equipped sport watch is designed for multisport athletes, specifically those who compete in triathlons.

The Forerunner 735XT promises 16 hours of training life on a charge. It is available in black and gray or midnight blue and It starts at $450 (with a couple of additional bundles available) and is available for purchase now.

It’s a combination of the brand’s 900- and 600-series watches, taking the stylings of the thinner running watch but enhancing in the triathlon capabilities of the chunkier variant.

It’s also got a greater range of inbuilt activities: alongside running, swimming and cycling (with automatic transition sensing for triathletes) the new watch will be able to monitor hiking, strength training, cross country skiing, hiking and ‘general’ cardio.

The two key changes here are the extension of the Suffer Score, a premium feature from Strava (the 735 comes with a 60-day free trial of Strava Premium to get the most out of the facility) and an inbuilt heart rate monitor, using Garmin’s own pulse monitoring technology.

In addition to running, the 735XT can track cycling, swimming, hiking, cross country skiing, paddle boarding, strength training and cardio. There is also a special multisport mode for triathlons that will automatically change sport profiles and continue to track overall time. Another noteworthy feature is that the 735XT will be first watch to come with Strava’s Live Suffer Score app preinstalled. The Suffer Score is calculated based on your heart rate and can also determine how hard your workout was.

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