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Get the sleep you need with the Circa Standalone Smart Alarm Clock

It’s unimaginable now to consider a world with out smartphones, but in addition to their myriad benefits, the addictive nature of our mobile devices has been blamed for a number of negative results – including ruining our sleep.

Now, a new company Circa has acknowledged how a good deal our smartphones have turn out to be sleep stealers, and is on a assignment to assist us banish our phones from the bedroom – via reinventing the alarm clock.

More than just a clock, this device makes it smooth to fall asleep and wake up on time. Even all the way down to the aesthetics, this clock helps you sleep. The OLED touchscreen emits much less light at night than your average alarm clock. Similarly, you can also personalize exceptional clock interfaces.

Circa Standalone Smart Alarm Clock

The Circa Clock makes use of a smart sleep sensor that sits below your bed. By way of monitoring your sleep, it is aware of when the optimal moment is to wake you. This manner, you feel greater rested and geared up to start your day. Plus, you can also integrate with a selection of merchandise inclusive of Philips Hue and Nest for most excellent sleep conditions. It even integrates together with your Spotify account. In case you need a few assistance, you can appoint a spread of sleep sounds and even a breathing assistant. All of this technology is wrapped in a cutting-edge design whole with Kvadrat fabric.

Circa Standalone Smart Alarm Clock Features

smart stand-alone alarm function
DAB/Spotify enabled music player
white noise/relaxation sound machine
breathing assistant (using pulsed light to relax your body before sleep)
sleep-sensor to track and measure your sleep patterns (optional extra)
IoT smart home connectivity (Nest, Hue, Triggi and more)
An OLED Touchscreen with ‘off’ black pixels for zero light emission
high quality audio via 2 speakers + passive bass radiator

Circa Standalone Smart Alarm Clock Price

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for Circa. You can reserve a complete unit for pledges starting at €199.

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