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Introducing Garmin Vivomove: Fashionable Watch With Activity Tracking

GARMIN introduced the vívomove, a fashionable watch with activity tracking. The Vivomove has precisely three things it can display: Time, an inactivity bar, and progress towards your daily step goal.

The new Vivomove features one year battery life and adding style to activity tracking the vívomove combines classic design with function, monitoring sleep and steps and reminding users when they have been inactive too long with its move bar. With one-year battery life, a water rating of five ATM (50 meters) and a variety of interchangeable bands vívomove is wearable 24/7, no matter the occasion.

garmin vivomoveOn the left side of the watch is face is the progress bar towards your daily step goal. This is based on the energetic changing step goal specified within the Garmin Connect Mobile application. Like other Garmin wearables, that step goal will slowly rise and fall based on how actively moved you are. You hit your goal and it edges up a bit. You fall short, and next day it drops a bit. You can also set it for a static value too.

Then on the right side is the inactivity bar. Basically if you don’t go out and take steps, it will fill up in red. It takes about an hour to completely fill the move bar in red.

The Vivomove Sport model is available for £140 or $150 in black or white, while the Classic can be had for £180 or $200 in black or rose gold. The stainless steel Premium model costs £240 or $300 and is also available in a gold-tone steel variant.

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