Living With Robots

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Living With Robots is a fascinating new five-part video series from the Financial Times newspaper that explores, you guessed it, ROBOTS, and their relationship with us mere mortals today. Forget Robocop, some of these robots actually LOOK like humans. Be scared, be very scared. But can these man-made machines ever truly match up to us? We like to blow our own human trumpet J One video from the series that really sticks out and catches our eye is Long Road To A Driverless Future all about 21st century robotic cars and their impact on the automobile industry today. In the video, we see that technological advancements have led to the creation of driverless cars. Yes, that is correct, cars without drivers. Whatever next? Flying trains? Anyhow, the video gives us an interesting insight into some of the world’s first robotic cars from motor and tech companies such as Tesla, Renault, Google and Apple. FT’s Tim Bradshaw examines the pros and cons of cars without drivers (I can think of a few cons…) and asks if they are just a cool 21st century invention or whether they actually have a safe and important place on our roads (I am never crossing the road again!) How long a road is it till we actually see robot cars cruising around town?