Managing Employees: A Primer for Bosses

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Whether you own a small business with less than 50 employees or you have a management job in a big company, keeping employees on track and working efficiently is pretty much the same thing. However, knowing how to keep employees doing their job isn’t quite as easy as it sounds.

That’s why we’ve put this primer together for you. Keep reading to learn more about how you can make sure employees work efficiently so they get their job done and make you look good to your boss.

If you’re the owner, you obviously need efficient employees to help you earn a profit and grow your business. These tips can help get you there with ease.

Offer Incentives

A lot of employees don’t work hard for one reason – they don’t get anything when they work particularly hard and do a great job. Of course they do get paid, and this should be enough to show up on time and work, but many employees are capable of a whole lot more. They often won’t offer it up though without some sort of incentive program.

For people who work in departments like sales, the obvious incentive is money. However, you don’t have to give raises out for no reason – just offer a bonus based on bringing in a certain amount of business or money. Giving just a portion of the money brought in away to your sales staff can still generate extra earnings for you.

For other employees, giveaways like airline tickets, gift cards and all sorts of items with monetary value can be used as an incentive. Employee of the month programs often provide the rewards, and you’ll find employees who deserve promotion through these avenues as well.

Try Time Clocks

Employees that tend to be late often do it because they can. While some employees that have kids or other responsibilities, tardiness isn’t something that’s going to help your business.

That’s why you should consider installing employee time clocks. That way your employees can punch in on time and be paid for their full shift, or punch in late. If they punch in late, you’ll know about it, and that may lead to more severe penalties and even an employee being fired.

Using a time clock also makes you less of the bad guy and less of a monitor. That can mean a lot in a workplace environment.