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Microelectronic Technology: Understanding How E-Cigs Work

The cigarettes that you light with a flame are growing out of fashion. While fewer people are smoking due to health concerns, few people and establishments are tolerant of smoke these days. For a range of reasons, electronic cigarettes (or e-cigs) are getting popular. However, not many people understand how these contraptions work. Here’s a rundown of the technologically advanced cigarette product.

Understanding How E-Cigs Work

It’s Battery Operated

Well, if it’s electronic, you must assume it’s powered by something. The internal battery heats the device and causes a reaction, making liquid nicotine solution turn to vapour. When inhaled, the vapour satiates the smoker’s normal craving for nicotine.

Why Switch

Some may wonder why they would switch. Is it just so they can inhale vapour rather than smoke from a filtered cigarette? E-cigs are getting more popular because they are different. For one, some contain food-grade ingredients, so along with the nicotine fix, smokers taste chocolate, strawberry, etc. Moreover, some who are trying to quit, buy liquid with no nicotine, hoping the act sans the addictive chemical will help them quit for good.

More Accepted

As mentioned in the introduction, some are intolerant to the ways of cigarette smokers. Many establishments have banned smoking and several states disallow smoking in particular outdoor arenas. However, conditions are different for electronic cigarettes. However, when around a lot of people and in an establishment, it’s best to check to ensure it’s okay to use an e-cig.

Internal Components

While an e-cig is a modern product, it’s not complicated to understand the internal components. The end a user puts in their mouth is fixed with an LED light that turns on when one ignites the battery. The battery heats the coil which creates the reaction that turns the liquid to vapour. The vapour travels up the e-cig and into the user’s mouth. Yes, there is a visible puff that comes out of the user’s mouth, and if close enough, you may get a whiff of associated flavours. However, the discharge is not smoke but ‘vapour.’

The Atomiser

The ‘atomiser’ is what makes an electronic cigarette unique in changing a liquid into a vapour. The battery heats the atomiser that usually incorporates some sort of metal coil or wick that is wrapped around the liquid cartridge, changing it into a vapour. While a stronger atomiser can deliver a larger amount of vapour per puff, e-juices are not equal. Find gourmet Ruthless eJuice online.

Native Language

Like other hobbies and pastimes, smoking electronic cigarettes is aligned with its own lingo. For example, you may have heard the term ‘e-juice,’ which refers to mixtures of nicotine, food flavourings, and glycerol. While the basic components remain the same, types of electronic cigarette devices vary. For example, cigalikes are the cheapest and can carry the least amount of juice. Next come refillable models that are larger and most commonly used. Lastly, if you’re serious about the pastime, you can get some form of ‘mod,’ which is much larger and often allows a smoker to adjust the settings of the vapour output.

Maddison Day moved to e-cigs after she decided to ditch her 20 a day habit for a slightly healthier alternative. She shares some of her knowledge and tips with others who are thinking of switching.

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