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Monster Elements Is Finally Arrive In US

Monster finally comes out with its highly anticipated Elements Over-Ear wireless headphone, that can transmit wireless audio over Bluetooth. It also have a Micro-USB port on the earcup for devices that only have a digital connection (like Lightning).

Monster Elements are already being embraced by top DJs, celebrities and athletes, who appreciate their uncanny ability to dip listeners in a world of sound. In addition to outstanding audio quality, the high-fashion Elements enable wearers to proclaim their discriminating taste and bold lifestyle. Their sleek lines and luxurious finishes are presented in a pallet of designs that inspired by the natural elements that exude confidence and style.

monster elements heeadphone

The new Monster Elements are Monster’s premium headphones, combining Bluetooth connectivity with the best audio quality they have to give. In addition to wireless (Bluetooth 4.0 with aptX technology) and wired listening, Monster is also including a wired Micro USB adapter which connects an external DAC to the headphones — this is for “future devices that may have only digital outputs

In addition, Monster showed off its decadent new Element headphone line, which will come in multiple colors such as Gold, Black Slate, and Platinum, meant to emulate earthy colors — with a little flash added to the mix, of course. The Element arrives in 3 Bluetooth-capable models, including an over-ear ($350), an on-ear ($250), and an in-ear ($150). The latter has some cool features, including touch controls on the band, and a micro-USB input at the bottom of Element to source high-quality files from newer smartphones.

The Gold Elements are now available for $399 MSRP in the US, while the other family is expected to arrive later this year.

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