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Nebula Capsule II – A Can-shaped Mini Projector

Get ready to flaunt your fashion with the portable and can-shaped mini projector from Anker, dubbed as the Nebula Capsule II. It is portable enough to put anywhere; the idea behind manufacturing this to provide you a smaller version of powerful projector so that you can easily carry it anywhere you desire, such as camping or in your backyard.

Beside the smaller size, the projector is also the first that runs Google’s entertainment-focused Android TV operating system, so you don’t have to connect it with HDMI or your smartphone. When it comes to video quality, it can create an HD, 720p image that gives you 100 inches display on your wall, which is more than sufficient for watching movies and other clips. Interesting, but probably not something that will be in high demand.

When it comes to the drawback, the Nebula Capsule II projector delivers low brightness like the other mini projectors. You can only use it in darkened rooms; it does not get bright anywhere you wanted. Its battery timing is 2.5 hours while playing media, which is not bad at all. For connectivity, this mini projector comes with four ports including audio jack, HDMI input, a USB Type-A port, and a USB Type-C port. Through audio jack, you can connect headphones or any external speaker.

It is also a works as a Bluetooth speaker, which means it will let you play music by pairing it with a smartphone or a tablet. It also allows you to mirror your phone’s screen over a Bluetooth connection. The Nebula Capsule II also comes with a built-in speaker, which consists of an 8-watt powered speaker and two non-powered bass radiators that claimed to deliver loud and good quality sound, beyond your expectations. In terms of price, the Nebula Capsule II mini projector retails for at $579.99. In case you’re fascinated, bounce to Anker website for its more information.

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