Noke: Smart Bluetooth Padlock

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Noke which is pronounced as “no key” it isn’t probably affordable, but it is the smartest padlock it’s been discovered with a keyless design that demands you to connect a paired phone via Bluetooth to unlock the device. The Noke Bluetooth padlock is good looking in either black or silver, reassuringly weighty, and built to last from boron hardened steel.


The CR2032 battery should last a full year with everyday use, claims Noke, and less frequent use will importantly amend its lifetime. In order to substitute the battery you unlock the Noke then twist off the back-plate, but if it is too late and the battery has already run flat you can pull out the plug at the bottom and jump start the battery.

Noke works with Android 4.3+, iPhone (iOS 7+) and Windows 8.1+ phones running Bluetooth 4.0. If you are worried about the security entailment of using a Bluetooth lock, Noke notes that Bluetooth 4.0 uses 128-bit encryption to secure transmissions, to which the company adds the latest in PKI technology and crypto-graphic key exchange protocol.

To unlock the Noke you hold it near your phone, launch the app and press the shackle. If you have enabled auto unlock it will connect to your phone, then flash green and you will hear a click as it unlocks if you’ve not enabled auto unlock you will need to press the Unlock button within the app.

A battery that can be recharged over Micro USB would also be a welcome addition to a future version of the Noke, even though it is easy to jump start the Noke, spare batteries are not so easy to come by out in the sticks.

  • Requires Android 4.3 Jelly Bean Plus, iPhone iOS 7 Plus or Windows Windows mobile 8.1 Plus phone with Bluetooth 4.0
  • Smart Bluetooth steel padlock
  • CR2032 watch battery
  • 225g

Maybe the Noke is expensive and weighty and surprisingly its battery is non-rechargeable. It came with genuinely surprised that no one came up with the idea sooner.