Osmo iPad Accessory – Creative Starter Kit

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The pack contains a stand, camera reflector, a box of letter tiles and another set of colored tiles. It is easy to repack everything back into the sturdy box, repeatedly important for anything aimed squarely at the junior market.


It offers up the color and shape for you to copy and, as you increase the difficulty level and progress, it’ll take away colors and individual shapes by making it quite a challenge far beyond it is 6 plus age guide, even though superb for collaborative sibling or parent play.

The collection of blue/red letter tiles are required for Words, a hangman-style game where a series of images are presented on screen and two players compete to identify them.

The gameplay becomes more tricky as you progress, plus there is a word learning part of the app for kids to brush up on their spelling too.

Additionally to choose from these outlines, you can use one of the images already on your iPad. Or, using the camera, take a picture and it’ll translate this into an outline for you to draw. With Osmo, self portraits are set to be the new selfies.

This is done by placing your letter tiles in the play area. Guess correctly and the word is partially spell on the screen and guess incorrectly and your letter is sent to the top and the amount of guesses you have left drops.

You supply the paper and pen and, when started, the game pumps out colored balls from the top of the screen in a constant drip. Your challenge is to redirect them onto targets by drawing lines on the paper, which are replicated on the screen for the balls to bounce off, or chutes for them to slide down.

Final Conclusion

Osmo is the bridge between real and digital worlds, you would likely raise an eyebrow at this near-pitch-perfect corporate marketing mumbo-jumbo. But it is a pretty accurate description, actually.