PNY Announces The OTG Robot Plus Micro M2

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PNY, the leading manufacturer of memory products and PC peripherals, is pleased to announce the package of OTG Robot and Micro M2 USB Drive. PNY OTG Robot can basically plug any PC peripheral to such a port on the device, which acts as a USB host similar to a PC with a USB port, This allows one to transfer data directly to the USB drive without having to make use of a computer. Also, this is very convenient because one can do it on the move, just about anywhere.


Using USB OTG Robot, one will finally be able to get to do something more productive on the Android Smartphone or tablets by connecting a USB keyboard/mouse combo and enjoy the freedom to type and do things faster. A mouse connected via OTG allows better cursor control than using one finger on the touch screen; especially when one don’t want any part of the screen to be obstructed by the finger. Also, a large-size dedicated keyboard allows to type faster than can do on the on-screen keyboard, and again, it avoids obstructing the screen view with the fingers. With most Android phones being fast enough to support interesting games, one can really take control of gaming by attaching a USB joystick and enjoy a competitive edge over your competitors. Once again, while it is possible to play most games using on-screen controls, a joystick allows one to view the entire screen because one don’t have to obstruct the screen with the hands.

The micro-USB port can be connected to your Android Smartphone/tablet, while any USB 2.0 compatible peripheral can be plugged into the other end to work with your Android device. Its tiny size and light weight makes it very portable.

PNY Micro M2 is their smallest USB drive; this pint-sized USB is extremely small and compact, no bigger than the size of a coin. The Micro M2 weighs only 1.8g, and is therefore perfect to carry all your personal media files. Its portability is enhanced with a lanyard loop opening located at the head of the USB, which can be attached to key chains, bags and other accessories. Its ultra-small and compact size fits discretely into laptops, notebooks, tablet PCs and other portable devices without getting in the way in general use.

The PNY OTG Robot is available as a bundle with the very successful and popular PNY Micro M2 flash drive. This is a perfect combination that allows you to expand the storage of your Android device by connecting the flash drive and the Android device via the OTG adapter. You can also plug in USB drives with FAT file system or USB card readers. The device is available in green and black colours.

PNY OTG Robot works with devices running Android 4.0 and above, and come with a 1-year limited warranty. The Micro M2 is operational with Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, and Mac OS: 10.3 and above. It is backed up with a limited warranty of 5 years.