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pomera pocket typewriter lets you enjoy a more comfortable mobile typing experience

Pomera is a line of minimalist writing computer systems from japanese corporation King Jim. There were various models in the past ten years or so, however typically the idea is that they are remarkable-portable gadgets with proper keyboards, monochrome displays, and long-lasting battery life so that you can convey one around and get it out to put in writing on every occasion you want. You could then switch text in your cellphone or PC thru QR code or microSD card.

Now King Jim is bringing Pomera to america for the first time through a Kickstarter campaign. The specific version is the DM30, which is about to release in Japan next month and has a neat folding keyboard design like the rest of the DM line. The screen is a 6-inch E Ink panel, and the battery should remaining for 20 hours off two AA cells. One caveat: the keyboard uses the japanese layout, which I appear to assume is a tremendous layout but will require a few being used to.

Pomera Pocket Typewriter Design

The pomera is an modern all-in-one cell typewriter that measures approx. 286 x 131mm and weighs approx 450g. The included keyboard is tri-fold. while folded up, the pomera best measures 156 x 126 x 33mm, so you can easily keep it on your bag for any ride.


Pomera Pocket Typewriter Features

The tri-fold keyboard supplies a compact japanese keyboard layout, and with bodily keys, you will get a more at ease and intuitive typing experience from pomera, and customizable keyboard shortcuts allow it to provide a custom in shape for each person. extra importantly, the pocket typewriter comes equipped with a 6″ E-ink display that indicates you what you’re typing, so you don’t need to connect the keyboard with any external show.

Moreover, your text created on pomera can be saved to its internal memory or an SD card, and you can effortlessly transmit your files to a computer. By scanning QC codes created by your pomera, you can transfer your text to an iPhone. In addition, two AA batteries offer about 20 hours of operation time.

Pomera Pocket Typewriter Price

The team behind pomera is raising fund for the product on Kickstarter. We can pledge $352 to preorder the pocket typewriter. It will be shipped in November 2018.

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