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Pyle Audio Announces The Availability Of PSBCG90 Smart Bicycling Computer

Pyle Audio, manufacturers of outdoor recreational sports gear along with home, car and pro audio equipment, announces the availability of the PSBCG90 Smart Bicycling Computer. This versatile device gives cyclists the ability to track their performance, map locations and plan new, unchartered routes. It’s packed with plenty more features that allow you to connect to your PC, save your training data and view in-depth performance records. It acts like your very own personal fitness trainer and data tracker. Enjoy accurate, reliable and a diverse range of results! Pyle’s smart bike computer is available now for $129.99 at

Pyle ‘PSBCG90′ Smart Bicycling Computer

The Pyle ‘PSBCG90′ Smart Bicycling Computer Features:

• Integrated Google Maps

The included software features Google Maps, to provide riders with a map display of the bike ride. The application gives you the ability to see the bike route traveled, zoom in and out, and have access to a world view. Whether you take a ride in the park or begin a cross-country biking adventure, you can count on Google to map it out. Google maps, along with the GPS Navigation Assistance software.

• Get Connected

Create a user profile with the included software and keep track. Multiple user profiles can be created each with unique data and performance record recognition. It’s great for keeping track of the team or the family. You will have instant access to the diverse range of data, for each user, in one convenient location.

• Performance Data History

Your performance records are kept saved in the software so you can always look back on past days performances. Keep your own log files and record optional data input like weather, start location, end location, attendees, notes, etc. The Sports Center software allows you to simply record your bicycle patterns or dive deep and mention every detail.

• ANT+ Compatibility

The Smart Bicycle Computer features built-in ANT+ wireless technology. ANT+ Sensor Networking allows you to connect additional accessory meters that have the ability to wireless send data to the Smart Computer. It works with 2.4GHz ANT+ accessories like heart rate, cadence, speed, RPM, distance, power meters and sensors (Also compatible with sensors made by Garmin and Motorola.)

• ‘Ghost’ Rider Function

The ghost function allows you to record a bicycle session. You can then ‘challenge’ the saved ghost time to see if your new biking session can out-perform the ghost. Challenge yourself, see the results and get the motivation you need to go faster.

• Mount It

System includes handlebar mount and rubber fastening rings. Quickly attach and remove the device from your bicycle without causing damage. The compact size makes it unobtrusive and will not interfere while riding. You first attach the handlebar mount to the desired location, secure it tightly with the rubber rings and then the device locks into place.

• Accessories Included

The PSBCG90 Smart Bicycle Computer includes wall power adapter, USB charging cable, handlebar mount, rubber fastening rings and ‘GPS Sports Center’ software. *Included Sports Center software works with Windows PC versions only.

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