Samsung has launched a new LTE and GPS-enabled SmartThings Tracker

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As with Tile, Samsung’s new Tracker is a small square-shaped tracking object that may be connected to various gadgets, in addition to pets or even people. Someone can, as an instance, placed it on a fixed of keys to assist locate them if they’re misplaced; it could additionally be put on a bag whilst traveling or on a baby who’s off playing away from mother and father’ line of sight.

Samsung SmartThings Smart GPS Tracker Features

The brand new SmartThings device enables a person with the tracker to send location notifications their family through the SmartThings app, a characteristic that might be useful during vacations. As referred to, the tracker can also be used as a way to trigger smart home gadgets upon arrival, ensuring the right light, as an example, is already on while the user receives home.

The SmartThings Tracker builds upon capability presented by Bluetooth-primarily based trackers just like the famous Tile product that a confined with the aid of the variety of that tech. Samsung’s product makes use of the low-energy LTE-M tech, which has been designed for internet of things gadgets.

Samsung’s supplying additionally features geofencing, alerting you if a tool leaves a certain radius, which makes it best for attaching to a puppy who likes to find a way out of the back garden, or a infant who loves to sneak out while grounded.

It’s also IP68 certified, which means it can handle submersion in 1.5-metres of water for around half an hour. Battery life is pegged at around seven days.

Samsung SmartThings Smart GPS Tracker Price

Buyers will be able to purchase SmartThings Tracker from AT&T; it’ll also launch at Verizon some time later in 2018. The Tracker itself costs $99 and will include the initial year of service for free; after that, buyers will be able to pay either $50 for a full year of service or $5/month.