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SMARTOO Travel Desk To Do Everything For Frequent Travelers

SMARTOO Travel Desk trolley transforms into a workstation, to stay MacBook or tablet, equipped with removable power bank. Presented at CES 2017, soon on Kickstarter

The simplest ideas are often also the most ingenious and useful: SMARTOO Travel Desk can only be appreciated by any serial traveler. It is a reclining table, to stick literally to the top of the trolley, the extendable handle, in order to lay comfortably notebooks, and portable devices, in the expected while traveling.

Smartoo Travel Desk Design

The Smartoo is an innovative and practical foldable travel desk that’s compatible with various luggages. The portable desk shows off a low-profile and sleek appearance design and the bright yellow accents add some vivid modern aesthetic details.

Meanwhile, using its foldable design, the travel desk can be easily stored in your luggage for easy carrying during your trip. The Smartoo is made of engineering plastic for a lightweight yet durable construction.

More importantly, using two adjustable clamps, the travel desk can be easily attached to your luggage’s pull up handle, delivering you an adjustable desk. Its desktop is big enough to hold a 15″ laptop.

Moreover, integrated stand keeps smartphone or tablet in portrait or landscape mode for handsfree viewing, and the center tray keeps your coffee in place. Apart from these, the portable desk also features a removable 4200mAh power bank that can be used to charge your mobile devices with ease.

Smartoo Travel Desk Price

The Smartoo travel desk will be launched soon via Kickstarter, but the price hasn’t been unveiled.

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