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Spinn’s High-Tech Coffee Maker Is Available For Pre-Order

Coffee is now an important part of many of our lives. For some, coffee is life. And, while coffee makers have gotten better and better over the past decade, they are still not perfect. Spinn, however, is here to offer the next-gen of coffee makers. Well, Spinn Coffee is the coffee maker you’ve been waiting for; whether you prefer drip, an espresso or French Press! It uses only beans, no pods, capsules or filters, so it is a coffee maker that makes awesome coffee with zero environmental waste.

The Spinn coffee maker is aimed at being totally self-contained. In simple words, it takes care of all the steps for you — it grinds the beans to the perfect fineness, heats the water, and then uses a spinning cylinder, hence the name Spinn, to get the water to go through the beans at the right pressure. It is a pretty neat concept, and it should make for some great tasting coffee.

Spinn coffee maker

Another major bonus to Spinn is that it does not make a mess. The grounds themselves are completely drained of all water, and then they are spat out into a waste container, where they can be just simply dumped into the bin.

There are three trim levels should you decide to treat yourself: original, which does all basics and comes with $50 in credit for ordering coffee, for $300; original plus, which adds a carafe and $50 more in credit, for $400; and original pro, which has a larger bean hopper and comes with a milk frother and $200 total in coffee credit, for $600. It should ship in mid-2017, so unfortunately not in the time for holidays.

As with most pre-order campaigns, of course, those prices will go up should you hesitate. Not too many of initial run of 5,000 units are left to buy, but more batches may appear soon.

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